Questions and answers (Q&A)

  • What is FortFC?
    FortFC is a liquidity provider on the cryptocurrency market that aggregates buy and sell orders simultaneously from a pool of the most popular world exchanges and accumulates the necessary liquidity volume at the right time specifically for its customers.
  • Where is the company registered? Where is the FortFC office located?
    FortFC (Fort Financial Crypto Services) is a project of the FFS international financial holding. FFS company was incorporated with the registration number (57557) in the Republic of the Marshall Islands on October 24, 2012. FortFC office located in St Petersburg, Smolny prospect, 6.
  • How long has FortFC existed?
    It is a new project but FortFC is the part of the international holding FFS, founded in 2010. FortFC has been successfully providing services to the FortFS broker with the current version of liquidity aggregator 1.0 since January 12, 2018. Since January 2018, FortFC has connected three corporate clients with a turnover of 6,000,000 USD and 2,000 private customers with a turnover of 4,500,000 USD to its services.
  • How many employees does FortFC have?
    FortFC has 25 employees. Here you can meet out team:
  • What is FortFC Token (FFCT)? Where and how can I purchase it?
    FortFC Tokens (FFCT) are payment tokens and they are freely accepted as a payment for the company’s services with a progressive discount. They can be purchased at the Token Sales at, which starts on 24 September, 2018. The base price of 1 FortFC Token (FFCT) is €0.2. Early participants of the Token Sales are eligible to receive a bonus of up to 60%.
  • When do Token Sales start? What are the stages of token sales?
    We will conduct 6 stages of token sales with two bonus programs during Tokens Sales — bonuses on the size of participation and bonuses on time:
    1. Private Sales starts on 24/09/18 at 60% discount.
    2. Pre-ICO starts on 12/11/18 at 50% discount.
    3. 1st Token Sales stage starts on 16/02/19 at 40% discount.
    4. 2st Token Sales stage starts on 29/03/19 at 30% discount.
    5. 3d Token Sales stage starts on 03/05/19 at 20% discount.
    6. 4th Token Sales stage starts on 06/06/19 at 10% discount.
    7. Final Call stage starts on 05/07/19 at 0% discount.
  • Is it profitable to invest in ICO in the early stages?
    The public Tokens Sales will have a tiered pricing structure so that early buyers get better prices than late buyers. No new tokens will be generated after the Tokens Sales, and not allocated Tokens are to be destroyed at the end of the ICO
  • Do you have any demo version of your product?
    You can try the already released demo version of MT5 terminal, it is available at More detailed information on how to open a demo account can be found here
  • Which cryptocurrencies can I use to participate in Tokens Sales?
    FortFC Token (FFCT) can be purchased using ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP or DSH. Regardless of which currency is used, each Token Sale participant must have an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with the ERC-20 protocol, which will be used to accept FortFC Token (FFCT).
  • Can I buy tokens via bank wire or a credit card?
    Yes, you can buy tokens via bank wire or other traditional fiat payment systems.
  • How many FortFC Tokens (FFCT) have been issued? Is there a possibility for additional tokens to be issued?
    There is a total of 300,000,000.00 FortFC Tokens (FFCT) are to be issued, 70% of which (or 210,000,000.00) will be available for sales. The smart contract does not allow additional tokens emission.
  • When is FortFC planning to be listed on crypto exchanges?
    Following the completion of the Tokens Sales and the subsequent tokens distribution, listing of FortFC is planned on all major exchanges. Our team has reached preliminary agreements with representatives of these exchanges, however, we are not at liberty to disclose their names or the exact listings dates. Please stand by for official announcements from these exchanges.
  • When will I be able to see my tokens balance?
    Your tokens balance will be available in your personal account at immediately after the completion of the transaction. Once the Tokens Sales and the KYC (Know Your Customer Policy) process are complete, the tokens will be transferred to the Ethereum wallet specified in your account.
  • Is there a KYC (Know Your Customer Policy) process involved?
    Yes. To receive the acquired FortFC Tokens (FFCT) onto personal Ethereum wallets, every participant must provide their personal information (National ID, Driving License or Utility Bill or Bank Statement) at any time starting from the first day of the FortFC Tokens Sales.
  • Is it possible for the citizens or residents of the USA to participate in Tokens Sales?
    Unfortunately, no USA citizens nor its residents are allowed to participate in Tokens Sales.
  • Is FortFC a security or a utility token?
    FortFC Tokens (FFCT) are determined to be utility-tokens which will be used as a payment for the company’s services with a progressive discount.
  • Is there a minimum or a maximum transaction limit?
    During the Tokens Sales, the minimum transaction limit is €50. The maximum transaction volume could only be limited by hitting the hard cap.
  • Can I buy FortFC Tokens (FFCT) by transferring cryptocurrency directly from an exchange?
    ETH can only be transferred to the smart contract directly from your Ethereum wallet. We recommend the following services: MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Parity, Mist, imToken. Other cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC) can be transferred from any exchange.
  • What will happen to all unsold tokens?
    All unsold tokens are to be destroyed according to the smart contract conditions.
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