20% discount for early envestors was prolonged


The FortFC team offers you a unique opportunity - to get an additional 20% discount for the purchase of our tokens!
All you need to do is just to pass a simple verification procedure of your two documents and a mobile phone. After successful verification, you will be able to enjoy a 20% discount on the following terms:


  1. Log in to the Cabinet on our website.
  2. In the Cabinet, go to the "List of Documents" tab.
  3. In the field of personal data verification, download two documents: - one confirming your identity and the second document confirming the registration address.
  4. Verify the mobile number. Go to the "Profile" section of the Cabinet. Enter your phone number and click "Verify phone number", then enter the code in the pop-up window.
  5. After checking your documents by company’s manager and successful verification of your mobile phone, you will get a discount of 20% on the purchase of tokens.


  1. This promotion is valid: from 04.09.18 to 25.10.18 inclusively.
  2. This discount applies to all stages of ICO, except Private Sale, and can be used only once.
  3. The maximum sum to buy tokens with a 20% discount is 1000 EUR or its equivalent in another currency.
  4. A discount of 20% is summed up to the current bonuses and discounts during the ICO.
  5. Only 50,000,000.00 company tokens will be allocated for this promotion.
  6. In case of any fraud or manipulation of this share, the company reserves the right to disconnect the account from this promotion without further explanation of the reasons.

If you have any questions, you can write to support at support@fortfc.com or by phone at +7-812-407-16-13.


Thank You