AirDrop starts today!


Starting from today our clients are able to join AirDrop of FortFC project!

During the AirDrop FortFC team will charge free tokens for everybody. In order to get them, you need to do some of the following:

  • subscribe to our Instagram account;
  • subscribe to our Youtube channel;
  • join our group and subscribe to our Telegram channel;
  • join our Facebook community;
  • join our Vk group;

AirDrop terms:

  1. Each client who passed the verification procedure is able to join our AirDrop. To verify your profile you have to:
    • Log in to the Cabinet on our website.
    • In the Cabinet, go to the "List of Documents" tab.
    • In the field of personal data verification, download two documents: - one confirming your identity and the second document confirming the registration address.
    • Verify the mobile number. Go to the "Profile" section of the Cabinet. Enter your phone number and click "Verify phone number", then enter the code in the pop-up window.
  2. You can receive tokens for completing the required tasks of joining to any of our social media:
  3. In order to start completing the tasks you have to log in your Personal area at and go to AirDrop section. There you will be able to start completing any task in the list. You can get the detailed description of each task by clicking on the task name
  4. AirDrop is valid from 24 September to 12 of November 2018 inclusively
  5. Total tokens amount allocated for AirDrop is 1,000,000,00 FortFC Tokens (FFCT)
  6. Each client of the company is allowed to receive tokens only once per joining our social media communities or channels
  7. Withdrawal or exchange of FortFC tokens (FFCT) will be possible in accordance with the terms specified White Paper of the project
  8. Each client is granted with 30 FortFC Tokens (FFCT) per each completed task. Therefore,the maximum possible amount of tokens the one client can receive for completing the tasks is 180 FortFC Tokens (FFCT)
  9. In case of fraudulent activities revealing (such as completing the tasks by one person using several profiles registered on different persons or names and etc.), the Company reserves the right to deduct all previously credited tokens off such account (accounts) without any prior notice and disclosing the reasons of cancelation

Customer support specialists will check the link to the completed task, approve your request within 5 (five) business days and credit FortFC Tokens (FFCT) to your account registered at

AirDrop is valid from 24 September to 12 of November 2018 inclusively.


Thank You