How to join FortFC AirDrop?


AirDrop gives you the opportunity to get free tokens by simply following FortFC in social media.

AirDrop is valid from 24 September to 11 of November 2018 inclusively.

In order to get FFCT tokens, you need to do some of the following:

  • subscribe to our Instagram account;
  • subscribe to our YouTube channel;
  • join our Telegram group and subscribe to our Telegram channel;
  • join our Facebook community;
  • join our VK community;

To take part in our AirDrop you have to:

  1. Get registered on our website
  2. Pass the verification procedure
  3. Follow us in social medias using the following links:
  4. In your personal area go to AirDrop section and add your account details for approving of the completed tasks here

Right after completing of each task the tokens are to be credited within 4 business hours. 30 FFCT tokens are paid per each completed task to a participant account balance.

May we remind you,
In case that during the whole ICO period your account in social media does not follow us our group, community or channel (or you have unfollowed us by yourself) FFCT tokens won’t be allocated to your account after the end of ICO.


Thank You